Sunday, January 1, 2012

Where can I find a public auto auction in Los Angeles CA?

Hello. Im interested in finding out places that auction cars to the public. I live in Los Angeles and always hear about them but never know where they are at. Please if you can help me in looking for police/public auctions for auto mobiles. Thank you!|||There are services that provide full listings of auctions in your area. They will also give you details of the vehicles being sold and the VIN numbers so you can run a carfax before hand. Due to the nature of an auction, it is best to research the cars before you show up. You can check out the most popular auction listing service at

The only other alternative is to call the local auction houses/police departments in your area and ask when they will be holding auctions. I wouldn't advise that you do this, however, as they most likely will not give you a list of the vehicles that are to be auctioned along with the VIN numbers. You can get great deals at auctions, but showing up uniformed is the worst mistake you can make.|||You can check in the local papers, they sometime announce them.

Or if you know of someone in the auto business they may be able to help you out. Other than that I believe you will have to pay to find this kind of information out.

However, the discount you can get on some cars at auction is well worth it.

You can check out the site below for listings in your area, it will also tell you what vehicles are up for auction so that you do not waste your time going down there.

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