Thursday, January 19, 2012

Auto Auction - how to find a dealer...?

I know that I cannot go to an auto auction and purchase a vehicle - it has to be a dealer. So how can I locate a person with the right licenses who'd be willing to go buy one for me? I need a decent vehicle for cheep.Auto Auction - how to find a dealer...?
thats a good question

i think i can help

go to a auto auction and start asking some one to help you buy a car or a truck

and you are wlling to pay for the help any where from 100 dollars to a thound dollars depends on what you are getting.

now that should not take but a few minutes

when you have found your man or woman get there business card

and make an apointment with them at there place of business.

they should not care, if they do move on to someone else that will meet you at there place of business

now when you have a time and place where to meet your new best friend ,ask them if they could have a list of cars from where they do there buying.

this should not be a problem all dealers have thoses list

and they will have more than one ( that is good. ) they buy at more than one auto auction. ok you are done there for today

go home and think about what typ of car or truck you want you should not have to much of a problem there

now when you meet with your new best friend (nbf) tell him or her what you have set your eyes on also tell your (nbf) what amount you are willing to spend this will help him find the best place to shop for your new car or truck also that you want to be there at the auction when the purches is made . not to worry he can get you in

when he has found just what you want have him or her take you over so you can check it out.

you have found the car or truck that you just must have!!!!

this is when you have some one else check it out

at most auto auctions they have someone there independant from the auction that will do that for a small feeof 25 to 50 dollars spend the money it is worth it

now remember,( as all of this happenes) to buy lunch ( hot dog????)

for your new best friend (nbf ) and when it is all over and you have that new bright red chevy 4x4 and you have paid your (nbf) his money

he now could be a friend and one you want to keep

hope this helps



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