Thursday, January 12, 2012

Auto auction?

im located here in dallas tx. if i could find someone that would let me go with them to a dealers auction and bid on some cars would that be possible or would that be too much trouble for someone and who would be interested in helping me where would i go to talk to someone and what would they charge me for doing this i would pay.Auto auction?
If you knew someone and they could get you into the auction $1000 over the auction price plus auction fees would be fair. Remember, the person taking you has incurred great expense to obtain his license.Auto auction?
Unless you actually know somebody, it is going to be hard to get someone to do this for you. Dealers really mark up the price of cars, so it wouldn't be logical for them to take people with them to get discounted prices.Auto auction?
I'm an auctioneer and appraiser, I don't do auto auctions, but I have friends that do.

Here's a great way to get into an auto auction, but it may take a visit or two.

At these auctions the dealers always need a driver or two to bring back a car. Up here in MA, the dealers are allowed to bring up to 2 drivers per auction at most of these auctions.

Visit the auction, stay outside the gates and advertise that you are a driver looking for work. It will help if you have a good driving record and can prove it. Bring your insurance papers.
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