Thursday, January 12, 2012

Should I buy a car at an auto auction?

Hey I was wandering if I should buy a car at a auto auction? Was wandering what everyones experience was with auctions I'm in desperate need of a new car and will be paying cash with my tax money... was looking for some advice about auctions im just so scared of buying a piece of junk that might break down on me.....thanks everyone for your answers..Should I buy a car at an auto auction?
I buy from auctions,but not eBay but actual dealer's acution. N omatter where you go 99.9% of dealer's used cars are from that's we buy them from. only 0.1% are trade-ins. If youask dealer to buy from Green lights auction,it has 3 day warranty for any hidden damages. Don't buy red light or yellow light ,as even for dealer it is AS IS ,with problems and will break down maybe same day after you pay for it. Just my 2 centsShould I buy a car at an auto auction?
I think it will be better if you wait for sometime. Because the problem which are very dangerous come to know after 3 to 4 months. You can see Toyota corolla hadgot very dangerous problem of accident.Should I buy a car at an auto auction?
Probably not. If you can get it, the cars are either junk or overpriced.
not wise for the inexperienced mechanic ... go to a dealer and make the guarantee a part of the sales contract --- that is the only way to make it legal and binding... used cars are plenty and some have problems and your only protection from costly repair bills is to get the warranty written into the sales contract == if the dealer won't give you any warranty then go to another place to spend your money on another car....
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