Sunday, January 8, 2012

Is it a good idea to goto the auto auction to buy a car I live in San Diego?

not unless your able to look at a car and evaluate with your head not your heart the condition and road worthiness of a vehicle.

they have some good deals and they have a lot of trash.

if your able to tell the difference just by looking go for it.|||yes thats where used car dealers go to buy their cars sometimes they get them real cheap there and then jack up the prices at the dealerships thats what i would do if i were you, some times they just buy the left overs which are really good cars they get them for about 5 grand and jack the price up to 12 grand|||yes it is... and there u can get good car in cheap price... there r so many reasion for put car in auction but as long as i know u can find good car from auctions...|||It's a good place to buy a car if you can make the right decision in 30 seconds....that's all the time you will have to bid on the car.

Preparation is the key to buying at auction. Get there early, inspect alot of cars that you are interested in...make a list with the run number of the cars and the maximum you would go for each...remember there is a buyers fee when you set the maximum you would pay.

Follow your notes when the sale starts. Go to the cars you picked prior to the sale and STICK TO YOUR MAXIMUM BID...don't get caught up in the action and do something you will regret.

Good luck|||There can be some good deals at car auctions, but you need to be careful. Before going this route, I'd suggest this information on the pros and cons of auctions, how to avoid the cars in bad condition, locating them, and so forth:鈥?/a>

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