Sunday, January 8, 2012

Are the cars at a goodwill auto auction worth buying?

whe i ask if there worth it, i mean are they not gonna break down in a day or week, like, are they worth trying to purchase. appreciate the help :) thanks in advance!|||If you are asking about cars auctioned off by Goodwill Industries, the registered charity, most of them are older cars with problems that were donated by people who no longer want to deal with them. They are classified as DNR (Does Not Run), DNM (Runs but does not move) or RM (Runs %26amp; Moves).

There are no warranties or guarantees of any kind, other than that the titles are clear of liens. Some may run for many years with care while others will break down a mile or two down the road. You don't get to test drive them and inspections are limited to what you can see from ground level without disassembling anything. You pay your money and take your chances.|||TFTP

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|||I always buy a used car and do my research. I personally would not advise you purchase at a goodwill auction unless in a very rare case you found it to have a clean car fax history. Car fax on a car is found on line at car by entering the serial number of a specific car for a fee. I think your chances are better off purchasing from an individual (have them pay to pull a car fax on their vehicle they are selling) and ask to see any receipts they have (on oil changes, tires purchased, work done, etc). Trust your gut on the reliability of what the individual is telling you. If you don't really know if you can trust your own instinct, then find a friend or co-work who you trust has good judgment to go look at the vehicle of an individual with you for their insight. It's always smart to have someone go along with you that you trust when making any car purchase. Don't get taken up in urgency to buy the first one you see. Always sleep on it. If it "gets away", it wasn't yours and yours is still waiting for you to find it :) Hope this helps

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