Thursday, January 19, 2012

Looking for auto auction in Ontario, Canada?

i am looking for auto auctions that are close to toronto that are strictly for licensed dealers with seperate from public auctions. Examples, Manheim and Adesa something like these

thanksLooking for auto auction in Ontario, Canada?
I live in Toronto Ontario and am looking for the same exact thing as you.. try googling it (:

Anyone know an auto auctions around the sacramento or SF bay area ?

i googled but found nothing useful. i would appreciate it if you have information on where i can buy a used auto at an auto auction and location. it would be great if you're already buying from the auction around my area and can shine some light on info on how to buy it? what are the requirements, etc....? thanks in advance!Anyone know an auto auctions around the sacramento or SF bay area ?
yellow pages usually have one or two ad's in there some dealers go to auction's that might allow the general public if you go to one watch what goes on don't buy just watch see how it's done then go back a couple of days later so you have a idea of what to do some auctions might have you sign in first. remember some auctions only allow dealers only so see if they allow the general publicAnyone know an auto auctions around the sacramento or SF bay area ?
they have an auto auction in cordelia, by the saturn dealership on the side of the freeway [right by the truck weigh station]. i don't believe it's open to the public though, only to dealerships or resellers, or something like that.Anyone know an auto auctions around the sacramento or SF bay area ? they have some cars for everyone. usually in car auctions places. to get an account that you can actually bid on good stuff, you ll need a business.

Greater detroit auto auction ?

I am looking for an new car and my friends keep referring me to tjis particular auction. does anyone know anything about buying from auctions in general, or better, about this auction?Greater detroit auto auction ?
Auctions are good and a good source of bargains but you have to know what you're doing and know how to judge a car's condition by looking it over (you can't drive auction cars). Here's more about it:鈥?/a>

.Greater detroit auto auction ?
auctions are good places to buy cars for a really cheap price.Greater detroit auto auction ?
hey guys, I'd like to know more about this too. What is this action actually about ? coz I got an email from someone who claims he's a dealer and can take me to auction but charge $500 for his service, licensed, etc. He also said he can give me the wholesale price for a car.

So three things I'd like to know, what is this car auction he's talking about ? is this legit ? stolen cars ?

and what he mean when he says "$500 for service and "LICENSED"...

lastly is what's wholesale price ?

sorry I'm new in USA
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  • Auto auction, save, fix the car I have?

    With two thousand dollars, do you go to the auto auction, save, or try and fix the car you have?

    the car I have has a cracked windshield 250

    passenger door handle missing 150

    it needs oil rings 1200-1500

    and something else.......Auto auction, save, fix the car I have?
    take the one you have to sell for salvage and put the extra cash in with what you have already then go find a better car and have a mechanic look at it before you buy it its tax season and people are getting newer cars and selling the old ones rather cheap..

    good luck....Auto auction, save, fix the car I have?
    If you knew a dealer that would let you go to the auction and you relied on him to check over the car, that would be a solution. Short of that it would be hard to say not knowing what kind of car you have and what it is worth.Auto auction, save, fix the car I have?
    Auction otherwise it could be a fun project to try and learn how to fix your car.

    Auto auction question?

    do u need to have a membership to buy a car at the auto auction ?Auto auction question?
    i own a shop and not if its a public auto auction you don't,you do if its whats called a dealer only auction ,unless you go with a dealer,that's the only exemption from it,but public car auctions you don't have to have a license or be a member you just sign in as a buyer when you go in and the rest of it is bidding on what you want to buy,and hope you don't get burnt too bad on a car,good luck with it hope this helps.
    Well it depends on what kind of auction you are in.

    If it's public auction, see for registration.

    If it's a dealer auction, you need to register as a dealer.

    So.... = )Auto auction question?
    Basically what the other people said. If it's a public auction you should be able to attend w/o a dealers license. I know in particular salvation army holds public auctions so you might want to check with them.
    Go to and ask the admin, this guy used to be a used car manager at a dealership, he can give you the inside scoop on how all that works.Auto auction question?
    Depends on what auction it is.There are there kinds of car auctions.

    Dealer only auctions --- only licensed dealers are allowed to buy or sell cars,You can not get in or bid without being a licensed car dealer or an employee.

    Public auctions --- the public is allowed in.In fact,you usually cant by anything from public 'open' auctions because usually the pricing is too high.

    Government and Police auctions --- Every day, the government confiscates, seizes and repossesses thousands of Vehicles.These vehicles are usually typically listed at 90% OFF their original value and auctions usually start at $100.

    Two months ago,I bouht a near new SUV from online police auction.It only cost me $730 and i have not had one problem with it yet .

    I followed the guide on鈥?/a> .That site lists top 5 Police auction sites and help you choose the best one.

    Good luck!

    You can get a good cheap car from auctions , you will find thousands of different auction and repo cars really cheap at

    Hope this helps

    Are there financing options for buying a car at a manhiem auto auction?

    Go to your local credit union and apply for a loan pre-approval letter. If you have a car in mind, bring the VIN#, Mileage, and condition.

    Almost all car auctions allow you to put a deposit on the car ($500.00) to hold the car for 24 hours while you get the check cut by the bank.Are there financing options for buying a car at a manhiem auto auction?
    I haven't heard of any.Are there financing options for buying a car at a manhiem auto auction?
    Maybe, Directly or indirectly. But, they are usually dealer only auctions and Ive never heard of auction financing that was reasonable.

    Usually up to 90 days.

    How do i get a dealership licence for auto auction?

    you have to contact your state dmv. and they will send you information then you have to give them money and take some test and they'll give you the license it pretty costly though.