Thursday, January 19, 2012

Auto auction question?

do u need to have a membership to buy a car at the auto auction ?Auto auction question?
i own a shop and not if its a public auto auction you don't,you do if its whats called a dealer only auction ,unless you go with a dealer,that's the only exemption from it,but public car auctions you don't have to have a license or be a member you just sign in as a buyer when you go in and the rest of it is bidding on what you want to buy,and hope you don't get burnt too bad on a car,good luck with it hope this helps.
Well it depends on what kind of auction you are in.

If it's public auction, see for registration.

If it's a dealer auction, you need to register as a dealer.

So.... = )Auto auction question?
Basically what the other people said. If it's a public auction you should be able to attend w/o a dealers license. I know in particular salvation army holds public auctions so you might want to check with them.
Go to and ask the admin, this guy used to be a used car manager at a dealership, he can give you the inside scoop on how all that works.Auto auction question?
Depends on what auction it is.There are there kinds of car auctions.

Dealer only auctions --- only licensed dealers are allowed to buy or sell cars,You can not get in or bid without being a licensed car dealer or an employee.

Public auctions --- the public is allowed in.In fact,you usually cant by anything from public 'open' auctions because usually the pricing is too high.

Government and Police auctions --- Every day, the government confiscates, seizes and repossesses thousands of Vehicles.These vehicles are usually typically listed at 90% OFF their original value and auctions usually start at $100.

Two months ago,I bouht a near new SUV from online police auction.It only cost me $730 and i have not had one problem with it yet .

I followed the guide on鈥?/a> .That site lists top 5 Police auction sites and help you choose the best one.

Good luck!

You can get a good cheap car from auctions , you will find thousands of different auction and repo cars really cheap at

Hope this helps

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