Thursday, January 19, 2012

Should i get a car from the auto auction?

Just remember that the reason the car is at the auction is because someone traded it in to a dealership and the dealership they traded it do didn't think they'd make any money off of it because they didn't feel it was worth very much.Should i get a car from the auto auction?
I would not recommend it. Alot of times, these cars have serious problems that you are responsible for fixing. As well, there are NO returns (usually) because you buy them "as-is."
I've seen cheap cars come out of auto auctions, but the odds are more likely you'll end up with garbage. Many of the cars in auto auctions require some major work. If you are looking for a car to learn and work on then an auto auction may be a good place to pick up an inexpensive car.

If you're looking for one to use and drive, you're better off checking out sites like

http://www.craigslist.orgShould i get a car from the auto auction?
A lot of dealers cars come from there.
If you do MAKE SURE you take someone with experience with cars. If they sell it AS IS thats exactly what you get. You most certainly though can get good cars from an auction. Just be careful and at all cost take someone with mechanical knowledge with you. If you don't have access to a person with that kinda knowledge you might be better off dealing with a car lot where as you can probably get a limited warranty. Even 90 days warranty is better than having none. Best of Luck to you.Should i get a car from the auto auction?
Very Risky,Alot Of PPL Dump Problem Vehicles At The Auctions,There Are Good Buy's Sometimes But Rarely,An Estate Auction May Yield A Decent Vehicle,But Dealers And Everybodies Brother Dumps Trash At Most Auto Auctions Good Luck..FollowPrevios Advice Take Mechanic With Ya(Real Mechanic)
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