Sunday, January 1, 2012

Where can i find a police auto auction in the Sacramento, California area?

My boyfriend's classmate said he bought a car for $300 at an auto auction somewhere in Rancho Cordova (near Sacramento) but he can't pinpoint the exact location where it was at.... also can anyone give me more information on police auto auctions and what they're really all about? thanks...|||Police car auctions are like any other car auction you go to. Except they're ran by the police department. They usually have impounded cars that were taken from their owners for unpaid parking tickets, suspended license, etc. You can usually get a good deal there because a lot of people don't know about them or where to go. So, there's less competition when bidding.|||My first thought was you were looking to buy an old police car or county car. I googled Sacramento County vehicle auctions for you and didn't find anything but some online website that was not what I was looking for. I grew up in the car business and am very familiar with auto auctions. I thought about calling to ask someone I know for your answer. Then I wondered if you were looking for impounded cars. If this is the case, some are sold at lien sale to the public by the tow company. For $ 300 this seems more what you are looking for. Go to the local newspaper and look in the classified on the weekends, for Lien Sale ads in the car section. This is where you will find that $ 300 car. The tow companies do not want to own the vehicles, they want to sell them and make their money on the storage. This is probably the kind of auction your friend went to and why he can't remember the location.

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