Sunday, January 1, 2012

Can I get a good deal at an auto auction?

I have about $4k in cash to spend on a car (just don't want to take out a loan in this economy).

I'm wondering if auto auctions (here in chicago we have a place in waukegan) are worth the trouble and really will save you that much money.

What sorts of things should I be on the outlook for if I go?|||Auctions can save you a lot of money -- if you know what you're doing. They allow you to look over the cars and inspect them, but you can't drive them. So it's best to take along a mechanic friend or someone who can judge a car's condition by examining it. Otherwise, you risk losing your money on a junker. Here's an article that might help:鈥?/a>

.|||Auto auctions are very hit-and-miss. You may pick up a bargain, or you may get ripped off. Make sure you look at the cars on offer before you start bidding to see if it is what you want, and make sure you stick to your budget.

Look out for engines that look too clean, it usually means there is a leak somewhere. If there are seat covers, look underneath them to see what they might be hiding.

In short, stay open minded with what car you may buy, but make sure you have clear criteria for what you want (i.e. small car, family car, etc.), and be suspicious of everything!

Good Luck! :-D|||If you know what you are buying, you can get really good deal. Beware of some cars that may have been in a flood or involved in serious accident. Look at the bottom and smell the carpet.|||they can be great. go when cold so less people go. keep a look out for deals that are too good to be true

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