Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking to buy an 07 Infiniti M35X through an auto auction. Any auto dealers want to help me out for a fee?

I'm looking to buy the Infiniti M35 AWD with at least the Technology Package (Which basically includes the Journey Package plus the Bose stereo, CD changer with MP3, eight speakers, Nav system which is a must, and rear monitor).

New, I'm looking at the low to mid $40K's. Used through a dealer I'm looking at mid to high $30K's. Third party, I'm slightly better at the mid $30K's.

I know I can get the same car through an auction in the low $30K's. I have access to Manheim's website but don't have a dealers license, nor do I want to go through the trouble. I'm looking for somebody with a dealers license and who knows what they are doing to give me a hand picking this up at an auction. If it's worth your time, then it's worth $1,000 dollars to me in cash. I'd rather pay somebody a grand to help me out than to keep trying to hash out a better deal through a dealership or third party.

Thanks in advance.||| Stock # 4471156 in San Antonio, TX. Not an M35x but close enough for $35K.

Who would sell a new car at an auction unless that car has been totaled or who knows what happened to it.

Solicitation is not allowed on this forum. If you want an '07 Infiniti M35x, wait until the '08's come out and have fun making the lowest offer possible.|||By buying retail at the wholesale level, you are hurting everyone else. I've seen it hundreds of times. Retail buyer will pay a little more than wholesale because it's still worth it to them, but it inflates the maheim wholesale report, bringing up prices for everyone.

If a dealer is caught doing this, he will be barred from manheim and/or other large auctions.

Go do the work yourself, who says you deserve to pay wholesale while everyone else has to pay close to retail? Are you special?

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