Sunday, January 1, 2012

Is buying a car from an auto auction a good idea?

I am a 19 year old male, never had a car, and I live in the state of Illinois. I am planning on buying a car from an auto auction for around $1,000-$1,400. I was told I need to take a mechanic with me to look at the car overall, the one I'm buying that is. Plus I have done Carfax Vehicle History reports on most of the cars at the auction I am going to, and the car i want only showed 1 report, so I am looking to buy that car it's only $1,000, but i was wondering do I have to pay additional fees or just flat out pay the $1,000 at an auto auction. And what information should I ask for the title? and do they give you the liscence plates for the car? Has anyone ever bought a car from an auto auction for around this price range if so, let me know how it ran, how long it ran, and how much maintenence had to be done to the car? I would appreciate it, and do they actually bid for these cars at this price or do you just look at each car through the parking lot?|||I don't know about your laws in Illinois, but I bought one here in Texas and had to pay the tax,title and license separate from the auction buyers fee. The car I bought was a 1967 Pontiac, but it was in 1978 are so. You really have to check out the car carefully to make sure it is in good running condition. Most auctions on automobiles are AS IS with no implied warranties.|||why not?

its always good to look up auction for some nice used cars...

u can go check out this site if you want some cheap export cars from Japan!|||I HAVE NEVER BOUGHT A CAR AT A AUCTION BUT MY UNCLE DOES IT OFTEN ABOUT ONCE EVERY 2 WEEKS AND IT DEPENDS IF THE IS REPO OR LAW ENFORCMENT SEIZED CAR YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT GOOD .START IT UP MAKE SURE THERE'S NO KNOCKING,OPEN HOOD CHECK THE OIL MAKE SURE IT DON'T HAVE WATER IN IT.CHECK THE WATER TO MAKE SURE IT DON'T HAVE OIL IN IT.CHECK TRANSMISSON OIL SMELL IT DOES IT SMELL BURNT IF SO YOU BE HAVING PROBLEMS DOWN THE ROAD.|||My daughter bought her first car from an auto auction. (we are in Indiana)......We won the auction for $975.00, had to pay the sales tax, the auction fee (which is based on the purchase price of the car), and a $25 fee for the temporary plate they gave her. If you have a license plate that you can take to put on the can save yourself that $25.00. They will take all the information for the title, send you with a bill of sale and all necessary paperwork if you would get stopped, and mail you the title when the transfer is complete. We wound up spending about $1150 for a $975 car. Not to bad of deal for the car she got. Had absolutely NO mechanical problems...however, it's all can check them..but you can't test drive them. You can contact the auction house to see exactly what the fees are...|||Have ya tried lookin' at repo'd cars from banks? You can usually get a great deal at banks. Once I saw a 2006 Chevy 1500 Reg. Cab, and it only had about 19,000 miles on it and everything was workin' great on it, and they were only askin' about $11,500 for it.|||Let the buyer be ware. It can be a very good or very bad place to buy a car. Be as scheptical of any car at an auto auction as you woudl be from just anyone down the street.|||yes

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