Sunday, January 1, 2012

Anyone ever sell a vehicle at an auto auction?

I have a dodge ram 1500 extended cab and am considering selling it at an auto auction. It's not 4 wheel drive so I can't sell it on the street. I have been told the average price I can get for it at auction is $5800, but I'm afraid of it only going for $2000 or some other ridiculous price. Does anyone have experience in this that could give me some advice?|||when you carry it to an auction you can set a reserve price when you enter it which will be the least you would sell it for

if it doesn,t meet your reserve price you can keep it

look at the fees they charge for if it sells and if it doesn,t

it could be as much as 25% which to me is too high

it will probably get bid up to kbb wholesale value though

so that will give you a general idea of what it will bring

most auctions around here are dealer auctions

only one is open to the public you can sell it at the dealer auction you just can,t buy unless you are a dealer

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