Sunday, January 1, 2012

Can someone tell me a little bit about buying a car at an auto auction?

I need to know how the whole thing works. I went to this one auto auction that is open to the public, but the dealers outbid you on everything. I don't understand much about bidding and would appreciate any info on these auctions. |||bad idea you must be very careful|||My brother recently bought a vehicle from an auto auction. The one that he went to was a dealer only. If you know anyone who is a dealer that would be a huge start. If not, then i recommend you know exactly what kind of car it is that your want, otherwise you will be overwhelmed by the amount of different vehicles and prices. Once you know what kind of car it is you want, then price it using or Once you know what the going rate for that car is, and how much your willing to spend, go to the auction but only focus on the exact model you want. Eventually you will get the car with the price that you want.|||yes everything there is doctored up so they will make it Thur the line there might be one there that is good out of 2000. um some time the dealers bidding on there own stuff so it will bring more money or they bring someone with them to bid own there stuff buyer be ware you cant drive it before you buy it once you do buy it it is yours so watch out and happy hunting|||Your best bet would be to go to an auction that doesn't attract a lot of dealers or you'll always be outbid... unless you don't mind over paying for the car.|||you can find lot of cheap cars here.

Go to "Auctions" Section at

or go directly to

Find other cheap auctions too.

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