Sunday, January 1, 2012

I wanted to buy a car and decided to go to auto auction how much money should I save?

I wanted to buy a car and decided that going to auto auction would be the best. Can anyone give me an estamite on how much money I should save to go to an auto auction?|||Bring about $200 deposit. You can pay the rest later on in the day.

Cars range from $300-2000 or more. Usually the $300-600 cars have some body damage. I bought a 1993 isuzu rodeo perfect body, interior, and driveteraine for $1400.

I have seen a decent 1990-1993 nissan maxima, altima or 240sx go for $700|||depends on what you want to buy: car, truck, van, sport utility, etc. usually car auctions sell cars for about 35-40% below retail value. so pick a car you want, go to and look up its RETAIL value and save 65% of that retail value, plus 10% of that for the tax on the sale. good luck|||You will save some on the initial cost, but very likely lose a lot on the inevitable repairs. Cars at auction are often dealer's trades that the dealer doesn't are worth fixing sufficiently well to enable them to put a used car warranty on them.

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