Sunday, January 8, 2012

Does anyone have experience at buying a car through an auto auction?

What was the price you paid, condition of the car, and the year and make of the car?|||I buy cars at auction all the time.

There are two different types of auto auctions. There is the dealer only auction, where only licensed dealers are allowed. There is a public auction, where members of the public can buy vehicles.

At a dealer auction, dealers will bring cars that for some reason they do not want to have, or do not sell on a retail lot. For example, most new car dealers want late model low mileage used cars on their lot, and would prefer that they be the brand they sell. If you were to trade in a Ford with 100k miles on it to a Chevy dealer, the Chevy dealer would not want that vehicle on his used car lot. He would either sell it to a wholesale dealer, or take it to the auction. A smaller dealer may want that truck for is independent used car lot, so he would buy it.

At most public auto auctions, you will find that there are four possible sources of vehicles. You have cars donated to a charity, most of which have problems. You have government and fleet cars. You have cars that dealer put in the auction, mostly because they do not want to sell them with a warranty, and you have the occasional private seller!

Be careful buying at a public auction. Most of the vehicles there are there for a reason. You will also find that dealers will go to a public auction if there is a good fleet selection, so the prices will not be that cheap!


Do not believe that there are cars for pennies on the dollar at government auctions!!! Trust me, if there is a deal like that out there, car dealers would know about it, and would be buying these cars! We do this for a living!!! There are websites out there that claim you can get a great deal. Most want you to pay a fee, and they just send you the list of auctions. I will not say that it is a scam (thousands would, but not me) but I will say that the value of said "services" is not what you would hope for!|||type of car.was a chrysler concorde xl.1999.

appox,1000.00. The best advice i can give you,is to go to the auction;sit back and watch.The main thing to do is find a local car dealer especially the buy hear pay here car lot dealers.And watch how they pick and choose.If you know a car dealer talk with them.But do not ever purchase without running vin# thorough car fax.|||There are there kinds of car auctions:

Dealer only auctions --- only licensed dealers are allowed to buy or sell cars,You can not get in or bid without being a licensed car dealer or an employee.

Public auctions --- the public is allowed in.In fact,you usually cant by anything from public 'open' auctions because usually the pricing is too high.

Government and Police auctions --- Every day, the government confiscates, seizes and repossesses thousands of Vehicles.These vehicles are usually typically listed at 90% OFF their original value and auctions usually start at $100.

Five months ago,I bouht a near new SUV from online government auction.It only cost me $730 and i have not had one problem with it yet .

You can check out ,That site lists top 5 Police auction sites and help you choose the best one.

Good luck!

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