Sunday, January 8, 2012

Can i back out of an auto auction purchase?

i bought a car at an auto auction (IAAI) online by adding an extra zero for a price much high then i wanted to bid on, so there anything in law that gives me a grace period ?|||You wont be held to a mistake. Otherwise, you would have to pay $1 Million for a Chevy Cobalt if you hit the wrong key before hitting RETURN.

It is important that you notify the site of your mistake as soon as possible. If you are worried, you could cancel your credit card. They can't bill a card that doesn't exist.|||I doubt if their is any law on your side. I took a look at their website and the rules are clear. Once you place a bid your obligated to make good on it. I think the only chance you have is to call the location where you placed the bid and see if they will help you. I would do this as soon as possible.

EDIT: So what happened? Did they let you change your bid? Hope it worked out for you.

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