Sunday, January 8, 2012

Auto Auction is pennsyvania is it worth it to pay some 1 with a dealer license 300 to take me to an auction?

Iam looking for a used car my question is is it worth it to pay sum1 300 dollars to take me to an auto auction in pennsylvania becuz u have to have a dealers license to get a car at the auction. Will i save a big amout of money by going to the auction what can i expect?|||you,ll probably save a lot of money on a nice car,id say its worth it since you will get it wholesale price,not retail price,that's not a bad deal,we let people go with us ,but we only charge 200 bucks ,but that's a good price,and you will save big time,but you cant go out and tell everyone how cheap you got it for,id just say i got a good deal on it,this way if you want to sell it you can make money on it too,good luck with it.|||i would diff. do it because they buy cars dirt cheap at the auctions, like they but em cheap but sell em for twice as much, so i would think it might save u a few... but i jus hope that u actully now the person personally, becsue they mite try to rip u off.. but my buddy got a brand new montecarlo for like 5 grand from a guy with a dealer license....|||hey , dude 300 dollars isnt alot i paid one guy 1000 because i wanted a rare car.. so good luck

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